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It seems to have worked (along with the other stuff you mention first).I'll be donating an unfortunately small amount.

-Frances Fielding ays

I just want to say:"Thanks very much, it's lucky to meet SmartPCFixer!"

-Myron Nick ays

I have never believed that a software can solve computer errors errortlessly, now I believe.

-Christian Keppel ays

With SmartPCFixer, you are able to surf the internet quickly!

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How you can deal with unhandled exception at 0x778415de error error

  • Reasons
    Why do we get the unhandled exception at 0x778415de error may be diverse, including virus infection, wrong registry entries, internet disconnection, unable to update service automatically, installation of bad software or apps, vital dll documents or registry files lost or crashed, pirated software, memory not compatible, system instability, software conflicts and so on.So, we strong recommend that you should scan your PC everyday with a PC optimiser software.
  • What's unhandled exception at 0x778415de error like?
    This windows error displays on your computer screen with some error message in the dialogue box. They are: "This application failed to start because unhandled exception at 0x778415de error was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
  • Why should I resolve unhandled exception at 0x778415de error?
    Error unhandled exception at 0x778415de error may cause a lot of matters, such as
    1. Brightwork options corrupted
    2. Lacking privilege to read application
    3.OS bugs
    4.Needed background service corrupted
    5.No agree to start system driver
    6.Program lock-ups, slow computer performance, system lock-ups, startup and shut down issues, installation issues, and hardware failure.
    According to what has been discussed above, we may come to the actual final outcome it could probably be considered a awful dream for you. Follow the tutorials below, get rid of unhandled exception at 0x778415de error and booster your PC now.
  • How to repair unhandled exception at 0x778415de error by yourself?
    If you're enthusiastic about mending this problem yourself, continue with the problem solving over the following portion .
    Please just follow the steps below:
    Step 1:Make sure your SATA Configuration is using the primary controller on the motherboard for hard drive connectivity.
    Step 2:Ensure all your Device Drivers are upgraded, and current. This can be done through control panel or using additional third party applications to scan for updates.
    Step 3: Apply the latest windows Updates for your system, this may deal with the problem and would be an early step to try and rectify the issue.
    Step 4: Check/Reinstall your Ram modules -- Often this error is caused when memory cannot be released, through your RAM or Graphics display card.
    Step 5: Flash your BIOS, replace your CMOS battery and flash the bios with the latest firmware from your manufactures website.
    Step 6: Check your BIOS settings, so the hardware is being detected, you needn't to fully reinstall your operating system to fix the issue though it may assist when faults from an upgrade process happen.
    Step 7: Set up your NVidia display drivers, including managing applications to use the right or acquiescent Nvidia settings, including monitor resolution being set accordingly.
    Step 8: When using Geforce experience as an application to show you updates, if you're using an older graphics card, make sure you install the right 32 bit or 64 bit driver.
    Step 9: Clean your registry to ensure you won't encounter unhandled exception at 0x778415de error matters.
    But Please Note: The Manual Solution is writen for advanced users, if you don't have any computer knowledge or technical background, PLEASE DON'T TRY! Beacause ANY Incorrect MOVE CAN RUIN YOUR COMPUTER!
  • Summary
    From all the steps above, it is obvious that to solve unhandled exception at 0x778415de error is a little complicated for users. We advise people try SmartPCFixer to troubleshoot this error.
  • Recommended Solution

    Step 1: Download & Run SmartPCFixer - Download Now

    Step 2: Launch SmartPCFixer and Click "Start Scan" to diagnose your System

    Step 3: Click "Fix All" button when the scan is complete and you're done!

  • Notes &Warnings
    1. Whatever steps you want to take for your laptop, you had better log on as administrator.
    2. In accordance with the edition of Windows you're using, the steps above may be a little different, but the basic process is mostly the same.
    3.You can't connect to a PC that's asleep or hibernating, so make sure the settings for sleep and hibernation on the remote PC are set to Never (hibernation isn't available on all PCs.)
    4.Windows XP Home, Windows Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home and Windows 7 Home or Starter are not supported without third party application.
    5.For added protection, back up the registry before you modify it. Then, you can restore the registry if a problem occurs.
  • How does it work
    This software will scan and diagnose, then removes your computer with patent pending technology that fixes your system registry structure with both manually and autokinetic tools.
    Key functions:start-up customization, Troubleshooter Database, DLL Files Database, File Extension Database, live updates, system file checker, and more.
    So it's highly recommended that Free Download the error fix tool, which will save you a deal of time and trouble.
  • Advantages Of SmartPCFixer
    30+ tools to optimize your computer
    Easy to use, 1 click fix.
    Small Size, only about 4.5 MB
    Compatible with all systems
    All in one PC Care
    24/7 online support
    Recommended by experts and customers
    60 days unconditional money-back guarantee
  • *File size: 5.2 MB, Download time: <1min (Cable/DSL)
Disclaimer: is an authorized distributor of SmartPCFixer. Support can also be provided by the manufacturer. Our promise is simple --- we are confident you will be completely satisfied with your answer, that if you aren't, we will refund 100% of your money! No hassles. No runarounds. No delays!Our support


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